I’m A Good Girl

This poem is in response to the Word of the Day Challenge for October 19, 2020: Urges

I’m a Good Girl

I have a perfect life.
So people say; so it must be.
I want for nothing, except for you.
There, I said it:  I want you.

It would be a lie
To say I wasn’t looking.
And what I saw took my breath away–
You always take my breath away.

I feel the air part as you move.
I hear your voice before you enter a room,
A room which is decorated by your smile
And brightened by the light in your eyes.

The cadence of your walk is my heart’s rhythm;
It beats faster every time you pass.
Face to face, I match my breathing to yours
As though our bodies are perfectly tuned

For a song about sex and love
And longing and release.
We can sing again, and
We can sing again. . .

I am a good girl.
So people say; so it will be.
But even good girls have bad thoughts,
And I’ve been thinking about you.

About the curve of your neck,
The curl of your hair,
The angle of your chin,
And the way the smell of your skin

Comes back to me at night
When good girls should be sleeping
But I’m not, because
I can’t sleep with you in my head.

You stand so damned close sometimes
I could reach out and touch your face
If I wanted to; and I want to so badly
I could scream I could cry I could die I might try

 And then what would people say?
She’s a good girl who lives a perfect life
And wants for nothing except for the love
Of a boy who’s not hers to have.


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