Precious: For Scott on our 38th Anniversary


My eye is drawn to pretty things,
And in you I’ve found my treasure.
No gold or gem-encrusted crown
Could fit me any better.

Brilliant as ancient Noah’s garnet,
You light my wandering way;
A sturdy glow to bring me home
At the twilight of each day.

Wrapped tightly in the topaz warmth
Of your strong arms’ embrace,
Breathing softly, humming low,
Your love’s my hiding place.

A heart as true as sapphire’s blue;
Like amethyst, intense and wise,
You bring the precious silver lining
To my thunder-clouded skies.

In those exotic emerald eyes,
The impatience of desire—
So kiss me til my lips are burned
With the flames of ruby’s fire.

You’re the diamond; I’m the rough,
By any form of measure.
I’m the oyster; you’re the pearl—
I’m trash, but you are treasure.

My precious boy, I’d give to you
The wide Earth and all its skies,
But my pockets are empty except for your love:
My riches, my fortune, my prize.

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